Adam Katz: Creativity in the Business World

Adam Katz Google

February 16, 2021

Adam Katz Google is a design consultant, strategist, and freelance creative director who has had an impact on the world of design and business through many of his collaborations. Based in New York, New York, Adam Katz Google specializes in the development of ideas and the evolution of new companies through new brands that they create. Adam Katz Google utilizes design for various purposes, in order to create tools for individuals to use for different purposes and to elevate different brands. In addition, Adam Katz Google uses design to tell all sorts of complex stories in formats that are more user-friendly and understandable to laypeople.

Adam Katz Google received a BFA in Communications Design at Syracuse University in 2007. He then attended the School of Visual Arts, where he earned an MFA in Design in 2012. After he graduated, Adam Katz Google went on to apply everything he had learned in design to achieve a notable amount of success in the business world.

Adam Katz Google has taught at the Cornell Tech MBA program and now teaches at The School of Visual Arts MFA Design program. Adam Katz Google teaches second-year thesis graduate students in the field of design who are focusing on how to create a total user experience.

Adam Katz Google specializes in the mobilization of ideas, along with team building and direction of design that happens in the process. Adam Katz Google has worked with multiple big-name clients, such as Bloomberg 2020, The New York Times, Redesign Health, Google, Google X, Sidewalk Labs, Cornell, and Hello Alfred. Adam Katz Google is the Creative Lead at the Google Creative Lab.

At Google, Adam Katz Google has assisted in the design of OnHub, which is a new smarter router. He has also played a role in the design of the home for the makers and artists that helped engineer OnHub. Project Sunroof is another one of his accomplishments and is capable of measuring the solar potential of a home. Adam Katz Google is also largely responsible for the development of Expeditions, a new virtual reality experience that is made for teachers, as well as a site that helps people explore what the trendiest Halloween costumes are.

Adam Katz Google has worked at many other companies, in addition to Google. He has worked as a designer at Russell Design, Open, and Johnson & Johnson. Many of these were freelance positions, from which he learned quite a bit of information that he was able to leverage as useful information in future endeavors.

Adam Katz Google is clearly an influential figure in the field of design. He has shown how important creativity is and how it can bring a person a great deal of success in the business world. Anyone who is interested in design should look upon the example of Adam Katz Google and realize that there are many different avenues to success in business, and some of them involve artistic talent and creativity.