Adam Katz Google Creative Lab Examines Creative Design Ideas to Enhance Branding

Adam Katz Google

October 30, 2020

Adam Katz

Adam Katz Google Creative Lab is a designer and creative director who has helped brand and advance numerous ideas and services. He recently discussed a myriad of unique and creative branding options for companies that want to succeed in areas where others have failed. These tips are things that just about any business can integrate into their branding to succeed.

The Important Faces of Branding Discussed By Adam Katz Google Creative Lab

Adam Katz Google Creative Lab often examines brands and markets on a deep level. It’s his approach to branding and strategy that are the central tenets of building a high-quality brand. These include the physical image, audience. Adam Katz Google Creative Lab brand personality, creating relationships, building a successful culture, and knowing how your state it is essential to tackle branding on all of these levels to thrive creatively.

First of all, try to use colors, typography, and a tone of voice for your identity that make you stand out and match the image you’re trying to sell. For instance, if you are running a healthcare facility, colors like blue, white, and tan are neutral and easy to view and feel safe and stable. Adam Katz Google Creative Lab states that you should focus on building an approachable brand stemming from your logo and branding.

This ties into your brand personality and how you communicate. Are you an edgy company that wants to target younger audiences, or are you focusing on products for an older generation? Adam Katz Google Creative Lab states that you should craft your personality, communication, and culture based on your perceived audience. And Adam Katz Google Creative Lab says there are many ways to do this step.

For example, you can hold virtual user research meetings with your audience to talk about your product, see how they interact with it, and create an approachable brand that breaks through and communicates. Adam Katz Google Creative Lab says that this step is critical because your audience knows more than you. Your brand culture should be emphasized in these moments, such as using your meetings to touch on the importance of philanthropy, hard work, and other elements that your brand represents.

Lastly, you must understand how your customers perceive themselves, Adam Katz Google Creative Lab says. Are your customers wealthy, middle class, poor? Do they care about their image? Build your brand off of what matters to your audience and what they respond to and associate themselves with.

Emphasizing these facts can improve your customer reflection or how your customers perceive you. Avoid coming across as customer-unfriendly, like videogame maker EA, and create a fun, engaging, and open social media presence. Adam Katz Google Creative Lab also suggests creating a reasonable return policy that allows your customers to feel satisfied, even after returning a product.