Adam Katz Offers Tips on How to Work Creatively with Teams at Home

Adam Katz Google

November 30, 2020

Adam Katz offers his advice on working creatively with teams from home. Now that most of us are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the art of collaboration needs to be rethought, according to Adam Katz. There are no more conference rooms, brainstorming by the water cooler, or other people’s energy to bounce off of. But that doesn’t mean employees need to stop collaborating, says Adam Katz. They just need to find creative ways to do it. For those employees who work in the creative field, there’s no reason that creativity should be stifled. In fact, working with online collaboration and video chat tools can bring the office back, along with the motivation your creative side needs to flourish.

Adam Katz knows all about working on creative teams. He has a graduate degree from The School of Visual Arts, owns his own business, and consults with numerous businesses and companies. Creativity is a big part of his day, according to Adam Katz, and being on Teams with his collaborators is one way he remains successful.

Read on to learn about the advice Adam Katz offers on how to work creatively with teams at home.

Follow a Schedule

Bursts of creativity can’t be scheduled, but Team meetings can. Set a meeting schedule with your team and stick to it (you can always tweak it later). By doing so, you’ll get that consistency and motivation your creative side needs to express itself. Be sure to set reasonable goals for each meeting and take your time with this. “It’s brand new and needs to be nurtured, like anything else,” says Adam Katz.

Learn Technology Beforehand

Don’t jump onto video call meetings without knowing how to first use the software. Encourage others to do the same. Really get to know the technology you’re dealing with to get the most out of it and save time. Video chat tools can be used to collaborate, make mockups together, and sketch on solutions you just have to know how to use them.

Don’t Force Your Creativity

“If you’ve got a workload of competing priorities, embrace it. Sometimes we need to jump from project to project and we must let our creativity guide us. Which project is inspiring you, jump on it? Remember that a brainstorming meeting might go in an entirely different direction than you intended and that’s ok.” says Adam Katz. “It’s ok to let topics branch off into different galaxies, as long as you think there is something creative coming out of it. So experiment and don’t be afraid to let the waters chart your creative course.”