Creative Director Adam Katz Uses Google Experience To Tackle Remote Working Challenges

Adam Katz Google

September 20, 2020

Adam Katz

More people are working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic than ever before. This presents challenges for keeping remote workers engaged. This area is where Adam Katz’s Google Creative Lab experience shines for his current clients. He uses creativity and design thinking to create a holistic user experience (UX). New problems for remote workers created with this pandemic require experts like Adam Katz to guide innovative ideas to fruition. Companies need to keep their remote employees engaged and user experience is critical.

In the past few months, businesses have been forced to think creatively to adapt their employees to a remote work environment. They’ve relied heavily on digital products and services to stay up and running. Remote employees to use these digital products and services to stay in communication with each other. They’re more likely to use these products and services if they provide an exceptional user experience (UX). This is where the creative expertise of Google alumni Adam Katz is essential for a company’s success.

While working at the Creative Lab at Google Adam Katz described his approach to work as, “What I do now as a creative leader is essentially total user experience design, meaning that I think about an idea from the start before it’s an idea. It’s my job to give that idea shape and explain it to other people, showing what it could become over time.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to rethink their business model overnight and changed the nature of their workforce. Google, Adam Katz, and every other business owner were completely caught off guard. Now, everyone realizes that the role of exceptional user experience for both customers and employees is critical for a company’s survival. As shown through Adam Katz’s work at Google, revamping products and services creates an engaging user experience that makes products and services stick and employees engaged.

Companies need to remain agile and pivot for whatever may come in the next few months and years. Channeling his experience while at Google, Adam Katz helped a company, Hello Alfred, to rebrand while they were restructuring. User experience, creativity, and design played a critical role in the transition for this company.

Every company that has transitioned to a remote work environment also needs to consider user experience and design. How will they accomplish this? With the help of forward-thinking people and tools like Google and creatives like Adam Katz who are leaders in innovation and design. They are the key to keeping businesses relevant and the remote workforce engaged. 

Google alumni Adam Katz is a Creative Director and Designer in New York. He specializes in developing new ideas and brands helping companies to build and evolve. He’s taught at The School of Visual Arts MFA Design program and Cornell Tech MBA program. Adam Katz’s Google experience at the Google Creative Lab shaped his career and dedication to exceptional user experience (UX).